Monday, 24 August 2020

What is Blogging?

By on August 24, 2020

     Blogging is a way of expressing views , ideas , some news etc. Its a powerfull tool to express own assumptions and feelings. The whole internet uses data and informations from blogs people write.
Lets say when you search something from any search engines you get datas which are actually blogs which are written by people.

Note: pics used are royalty free pics

The main platform of bloggings used are Blogger and Wordpress. There are many other blogging platforms but i like blogger the most , because its easy to use , its free and you dont need to buy web hosting when you use blogger. Whereas in wordpress you get more advanced features but if you want to have website you must buy web hosting from other platforms.

The news portals , details about life , food , clothings , fashion websites are all blogs. It can be said that it is like a magazine in simple understandings.

Now, most people wont understand what is web hosting ?

Look web hosting is actually the place where your website will be stored.  When you use blogger and dont buy custom domain like .com , .in , .org etc you get a subdomain from blogger itself and it looks like   ,   and similarly in wordpress you will get   In blogger and wordpress with subdomain , both will provide you to host ( store ) your webpage , website for free.   But when you want to use custom domain , blogger will easily allow you to add custom domain and still store your website for free ,, but in wordpress when you want to use custom domain , it doesn't allow to add custom domain unless you buy hosting either from other web hosting sites or wordpress itself.

Blogger is product of google , so it might be gettig some advantage of it.
The very problem or reason of fear is often it is assumed that what will happen if someday blogger goes down, so your website will get erased because your web hosted was by blogger. So many people often advice you to buy web hosting from other sites.


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