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The lost Love & That Red Gulmohar Tree , sekhpost

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By Sheikh Nayeem
              Rainbow was present on the sky, it was a beautiful spring. Sun was shining at the more red than blue sky and parted white clouds seemed very sober flowing smoothly with a very fine wind. It was not literally the inviting sunset but a few rounds the clock.

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There happened to be a Gulmohar tree on the edge of turning of the road. It was very beautiful that very day. A cold breeze and shadow was flowing around that Gulmohar tree.

The red thing on the Gulmohar tree was very beautiful. But it seemed alone.
The whole world was as if beautiful and every passers had smiles on their face.
Then You happened to be passing across me. Your beautiful eyes catched my eyes. It was deep enough to make someone lost. That very moment the whole world stopped, it was being difficult for me to breath, so I could hear sound of long breaths which I was taking.
You also then after looked into my eyes as a no stranger.

A big cold breeze made us cold and I found everything alive around.
Smile was our answer. Red was all around on the sky above that Gulmohar Tree.

Birds were coming back to home, Red tree was no more alone.

Red was all around us and I could see it in your eyes while you were passing by.
Darkness felt over that Red tree and those beautiful eyes were lost somewhere in that darkness.
I looked all around that Red tree, but that Red tree was not any red.
I could not even see stars above it. I assume it might rain tonight.
Since that spring, I have never seen that Red tree that Red.
-       Sheikh Nayeem
MBA in Mktg & Int’l Business
 Business Operator of Sheikh


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